High-Yield, Low-Cost
Collection Management Process Automation - Automate everyday Collections Management tasks through pre-defined strategies. Track and Measure task execution outcomes and adjust strategies to maximize Collection Effectiveness.

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Get your money faster

Quickly track & resolve billing and invoicing issues and accelerate payments from customers.

Apply the right combination of strategies and tools to facilitate payments based on customers’ delinquency profiles.

Make it easy and quick for your customers to pay you through a secure self-service payment and issues resolution portal.

Eliminate over 80% of your collection efforts through Intelligent Automation. Dynamic and Complete accounting of collection activities and payments.

Key Attributes:

  • Risk Segmentation Strategy approach.
  • Credit Policies/Rule-Based configuration of collection management activities.
  • Automated communications including SMS, Voice/Phone calls, etc.
  • Automated collection of payments and deposits into clients’ bank accounts.
  • Reconciliation of payment progress on every invoice – cash, disputes, credit memos, etc.
  • Promise-To-Pay system with automated payment collection and deposits into clients’ bank accounts.

Complete set up takes about 10 minutes

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