Contractor Job Sheet System

Collect, Validate, Approve & Maintain Contractors and Project Execution Information.

Credit Application System
Guarantees complete and accurate information with real-time automated data gathering

Integrated Credit, Contractor & Project System

In a single login, you can access and review your customers’ credit, contractor and project information. The Bectran Contractor Job Sheet System provides a seamless integration between the credit process and the contractor job sheet evaluation and approval process.
The Result: Cut down significantly on the time to review and approve credit and job sheets.

Measure Accounts Receivable(AR) Quality.

Customizable Job Sheet Form

Whether it be job, project, contractor, sub-contractor, bond, financing or other information, you can customize the job sheet form to address the specific processing requirements of your company. You can also add free-form components to capture non-traditional job sheet information. The goal is to have your customers provide you with complete and accurate information.

Perform Credit Review

Job Sheet Evaluation & Approval

You can configure job sheet evaluation and approval models based on specific attributes from third-party information (example: AM Best Rating), documents, job information, bond information, state lien rankings, etc. This provides a more consistent and standardized framework for evaluating and approving job sheets.

Job Sheet Evaluation and Approval