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Credit Operations & Accounts Receivables Review

You will learn about:

Electronic Credit Application System

Intelligent, Customizable and Configurable system of digital credit information capture; with Sales, Customer and Credit facing online portals.

Accounts Receivable Management

Comprehensive set of tools and metrics for rapid and continuous assessment of your Accounts Receivable health.

Credit Management Workflow

Configurable Universal Credit Management Workflow for tracking, monitoring, organizing, analyzing and approving credit requests.

Credit Analysis & Reporting

Versatile and Customizable Credit Scoring framework for aggregating, determining and reporting customer credit worthiness.

Collections Management & Multi-Business Support

Automate everyday Collections Management tasks through pre-defined strategies. Achieve high returns on your collection effort while at the same time cutting significantly the costs of collection management activities.


The E-Lockbox provides a more convenient and faster payment methods for your customers with error-free automatic cash applications.

Self-Service Payment Portal

A secured portal with a range of functionalities that allows your customers to resolve billing issues and pay their invoices.

Operations Management & Multi-Business Support

Comprehensive set of tools for organizing and accounting for credit management activities in both simple and complex organizations.

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