Cash Application

Configure and Automate cash application on invoices from multiple sources, with guaranteed accuracy.

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Automatic Cash Application

You can opt for a more aggressive automatic cash application or less aggressive supervised cash application. The Bectran Cash Application system uses very advanced technologies to match payments to customer accounts and invoices. Expect to significantly cut down on the time and resources dedicated to cash application in your company.

Automatic Cash Application

Support for Multiple Data Formats

The Bectran Cash Application system can process lockbox/bank data and remittance advice information in any format. Typical data formats include, but are not limited to: CSV files, XML files, OFX, BAI1, BAI2, custom text files, PDFs and emails.

Support for multiple data format

Flexible Data Transfer API

From simple upload of payment data to fully integrated API implementation, you can accomplish both approaches with the Bectran Cash Application system. The versatility of the data transfer API allows for differences in scale and complexity of data transfer requirements in both SMBs and large-scale global companies.

Flexible data transfer API

Transactions Matching, Reconciliation & Audit

The Bectran Cash Application system provides reconciliation statements and audit records for all matched payment transactions. Unmatched transactions can be matched using a set of supervised matching methods.

Support for multiple data format