Enterprise Solution for the High Performing Credit, Collections & Accounts Receivable Departments

Our B2B cloud-based platform speeds up transactions processing through digitization and automation of data, tasks and processes. Our customers typically achieve productivity gains of more than 60% within the first three months of implementation.

Our Story


“Our mission is to reshape the credit industry and disrupt traditional processes. We believe in leading our business partners into the digital age to adapt to the tools and technologies that will allow them to remain at the forefront of their industries. Here at Bectran, we are committed to helping businesses leverage the power of SaaS solutions to save time and money and actualize their full growth potential through innovated, automated software. ”

- Louis Ifeguni, CEO of Bectran, Inc.

Bectran was founded in 2010 with a mission to cut down the cost and time of credit, collections and accounts receivable management efforts while accelerating the order-to-cash cycle through intelligent automation software.

Bectran is widely considered the premier toolkit for businesses in all industries, ranging from simple to complex organizations and SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. Easily adapting to client timelines and preferences, Bectran customers are onboarded in a matter of days or weeks.

Throughout the years, the Bectran platform has evolved to encompass solutions for credit, collections and accounts receivable management challenges.

By leveraging the power of automation, Bectran’s SaaS solutions are able to cut down the cost of collections by as much as 60-90%, accelerate the cash receipts cycle with complete and accurate cash applications and cut down the time it takes to process and approve credit by more than 90%.


Revolutionizing credit, collections and accounts receivable management by leveraging the power of automation.


Mission Critical for Credit, Collections & Accounts Receivable Management

100% automation of Bank and Trade reference checks

Speed of Processing

Accelerate your Order-to-Cash cycle at digital speed.
Expect to receive over 80% of credit references within one hour

Completeness & Accuracy

Having correct and timely information helps you make quality credit decisions.
Expect to receive over 80% of credit references within one hour

Minimize Risk

Lower your credit risk exposure by quantifying risk more accurately.
Expect to receive over 80% of credit references within one hour

Lower Collections Costs

Automate collections tasks and cash application to lower the overall cost of collections.

Learn why 2,000+ businesses chose Bectran.

Case Studies
Companies of all sizes rely on Bectran to digitally transform their credit, collections and accounts receivable management processes. With Bectran, companies are able to scale their processes rapidly while still maintaining accuracy and efficiently responding to growth in transaction volume and complexity.

Be Effective. Be Innovative. Be Forward-Thinking. Be Bectran. 

Why do companies turn to Bectran to reinvent their credit processes? Because Bectran is the industry leader in credit, collections and accounts receivable automation.

Since its inception, Bectran has been at the forefront of the financial technology industry offering the most robust, comprehensive suite of tools to companies of all sizes in any industry.

Bectran’s users know they can trust the solutions’ automation capabilities, customization options, user-friendly interfaces, fraud prevention and risk mitigation measures and unparalleled customer support.

The Bectran platform can be implemented in a matter of days or on a longer timeline, can be customized to fit your unique credit requirements, will integrate with the software and platforms you prefer and is continuously updated to better perform for our users. Many of the updates and features we add and update each month began as suggestions and ideas of active users — because Bectran is a living representation of the needs of our customers. We adapt to your business, not the other way around.

Here's what makes Bectran stand out from the crowd:


Bectran’s platform automates many manual tasks involved in the credit, collections and accounts receivable process, reducing errors, saving time and making you more productive.


The platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of any business, making it a versatile solution for companies of all sizes.


Bectran’s platform is designed with the user in mind, making it easy to learn and navigate. Each of Bectran's solutions is crafted to meet your needs and work for you, not against you.

Fraud Prevention & Risk Mitigation

Bectran takes the security of your data seriously — we protect it as stringently as we protect our own with strict measures to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Superior Customer Support

Bectran’s customer support team is dedicated to helping customers get the most out of the platform and solve problems as quickly as possible so that you can continue being productive.

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