Disputes, Claims & Settlements

Resolve billing and invoicing disputes quickly, and receive payments from your customers faster.

Capture Disputes & Claims Quickly

Disputes are automatically identified at the point of transaction processing and logged with appropriate reason codes. Once a dispute is logged, it is automatically escalated to authorized officers for review and approval.

Capture disputes & claims quickly

Automatic Monitoring of Disputes & Claims

The Bectran Disputes, Claims & Settlements system automatically tracks and reports the status of every outstanding dispute. The system also provides periodic reminders to authorized officers to review and decide on outstanding disputes.

Automatic monitoring of disputes & claims

Account for Settled Claims

All settled claims are posted on each customer’s account against disputed invoices. The settled claims are transmitted in real time to the client’s backend ERP system. Claims could also appear as account credits, which are then held in the customer’s account and applied against future transactions.

Policy-Driven Approach

You have the option to configure the Disputes, Claims & Settlements system to match the specific needs of your Accounts Receivable management policy. Typical areas of configurations include escalation procedure, approval authority, authorized officer role, reason codes, scopes, processing benchmark, etc.

Automatic monitoring of disputes & claims