Assess the order risk in no time and execute the order releases with guaranteed accuracy.
With automated data gathering capabilities. Our Order management minimize risk and accelerate the order-to-cash cycle.
Removing paperwork and reducing the overall time spent on order processing.
Eliminates manual tasks which can save time and cost, payments come in more quickly, reduces transaction costs and can produce positive return on investment.
Order Hold Management gives sellers greater visibility into the entire sales cycle. You can monitor order fulfilment cycle and measure performance using a variety of data points.
Bectran’s order management gives you real-time information to customers with updates on their orders, that leads to faster order processing.

Order Hold Processing

Set risk-optimal thresholds for order processing based on historically tracked and current transactional data of a customer and its associated entities. With threshold-based credit risk evaluation, automatically block high-risk customers in real-time and focus on releasing orders with more optimal risk-return ratios.

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OHM Processing
OHM Processing
OHM Processing Dashboard
Data Gathering
Automated Data Gathering
Assess Order Risk
Execute Order Release
Bectran Dashboard

Accelerate the
Order-to-Cash Cycle

  • With real-time automated data gathering capabilities
  • Assess order risk immediately and execute order releases with guaranteed accuracy.
  • Task automation significantly lowers the overall cost of order hold management efforts while accelerating the order-to-cash cycle.
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Configurable Section Icons
Bectran Dashboard

Configurable Processing Requirements

  • The Bectran Risk Adjusted Solution is model-driven and can be configured to meet your business's unique processing needs
  • Typical data inputs include Credit Limit
  • Delivery date
  • Risk rating
  • Total exposure
  • Weighted average past due
  • Days since last payment
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Improved Customer

A fully automated Order Hold Management System enables you to eliminate bottlenecks in the order-to-cash cycle, preventing canceled orders and customer dissatisfaction due to delays in processing.
Improved Customer Dashboard