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Streamline and Speed up your entire credit process.

Agile Credit Department, Smart Sales-Credit Collaboration, Low IT Overhead

The Agile Credit Department Lean, Productive & Savvy

Eliminate over 90% of the everyday time-consuming credit management tasks.

Be more agile in responding to customers and managing the credit process.

Minimize credit risk using the Bectran comprehensive risk assessment capabilities: Achieve LOWER DSO

Free up the credit department to focus on more strategic credit risk management activities.

Agile Credit Department

Achieve Lower DSO & Boost Working Capital

Improve working capital by significantly reducing the order-to-cash cycle time.

Lower operating costs by eliminating over 90% of the everyday time-consuming credit management tasks.

Minimize credit risk through comprehensive risk analysis and achieve higher bottom-line.

Improve overall credit portfolio quality and lower incidences of credit defaults through automated risk monitoring.

Happy Customers With Reduced Sales Cycle

Eliminate credit processing related bottlenecks and ship faster to your customers.

Real-time & Transparent update on the status of your customers' credit processing progress.

Empower your customers with tools to facilitate the credit granting process.

Streamline collaboration between Sales and Credit to achieve consistent high quality customer experience.

Low Overhead, High ROI & No Headaches

No Hardware. No Software.

Only requires IT staff/resources for one-time platform-independent integration implementation, otherwise no IT staff/resources required.

Very high ROI compared to the alternatives.

Cost-effective technology solution compared to the alternatives.

Complete Credit Management Work Process Automation

Electronic Credit Application System

Intelligent, Customizable and Configurable system of digital credit information capture; with Sales, Customer and Credit facing online portals.

Accounts Receivable Management

Comprehensive set of tools and metrics for rapid and continuous assessment of your Accounts Receivable health.

Credit Management Workflow

Configurable Universal Credit Management Workflow for tracking, monitoring, organizing, analyzing and approving credit requests.

Credit Analysis & Reporting

Versatile and Customizable Credit Scoring framework for aggregating, determining and reporting customer credit worthiness.

Collections Management & Multi-Business Support

Automate everyday Collections Management tasks through pre-defined strategies. Acheive high returns on your collection effort while at the same time cutting significantly the costs of collection management activities.


The E-Lockbox provides a more convenient and faster payment methods for your customers with error-free automatic cash applications.

Self-Service Payment Portal

A secured portal with a range of functionalities that allows your customers to resolve billing issues and pay their invoices.

Operations Management & Multi-Business Support

Comprehensive set of tools for organizing and accounting for credit management activities in both simple and complex organizations.

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