Corporate Registration Verification

Get the latest information on your company mergers, consolidations and dissolutions. Bectran’s integration with Secretary of State institutions and corporate registration verification puts timely merchant information at your fingertips.

Quickly and accurately draw reports from Secretary of State agencies detailing registration and administrative information for any business applying for credit.

Know who you’re doing business with before you commit to the partnership with Bectran’s Corporate Registration Verification.

Bectran partners directly with institutions such as Microbilt to provide you with powerful information pertaining to the incorporation, mergers, consolidations or dissolution of a business.

Manage, track and maintain your corporate registration information all in one place.

Whether you’re checking on the incorporation date, the company’s business status or verifying ownership, Bectran’s Corporate Registration keeps you in control of who you partner with and helps you make more informed lending decisions.

Benefits of Bectran’s Corporate Registration Verification Integration

Seamlessly meet regulatory requirements
Complying with industry and government regulations is hassle-free with this integration.
Accelerated decisioning you can count on
Filings and reports are drawn from all fifty states, providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate information to make the most informed credit decisions.
Increased security
We provide robust authentication systems and store data in encrypted format, making it easer for you to formulate business decisions quickly and accurately while remaining secure in the event of a breach.
One location for all your data
No longer will you need to navigate to multiple data sites to capture the information you need. You can look forward to receiving all the critical information you need in one central location.

How to use Bectran’s Corporate Registration Verification to prevent and mitigate fraud in real-time

  • Use case 1: Confirm a company’s business information before you begin a new client or business relationship
  • Use case 2: Business credentialing helps to confirm baseline company information to ensure you are avoiding bad actors
  • Use case 3: Ensure the legitimacy and authority of new account holders to mitigate and manage risk early on

Use Case 1: Confirm a company’s business information before you begin a new client relationship to prevent fraud.

You want each new business partnership you embark upon to be a lasting, profitable one, for both you and your new partner. But bad actors are always on the fringes ready to take advantage of your goodwill — or any lax procedures!

In high-transaction environments, especially those laden with manual, repetitive tasks, taking the time to log into a new system and verify a company’s identity and reputation costs valuable time, and creates friction in the application process.

With Bectran’s Corporate Registration Verification integrations, the information you need to confirm a company’s financial history and reputation are readily available at your fingertips without you ever having to leave the platform.

Use Case 2: Corporate business credentialing helps to confirm baseline company information to ensure you are avoiding bad actors.

When you accept a new business, particularly in environments with hundreds of transactions occurring, you want to verify the company quickly without risking any loss of accuracy.

Bectran’s corporate registration verification integrations allow you to check each business’s credentials quickly and accurately in the Bectran platform. With this software readily available, you can help catch bad actors before they’re able to commit fraud and ensure you’re doing businesses with trusted companies.

Use Case 3: Ensure the legitimacy and authority of new account holders to mitigate and manage risk early on.

Before you agree to partner with a new company, it’s crucial to verify their legitimacy and authority in order to protect your company from potential fraud, liabilities and revenue loss.

With Bectran’s corporate registration verification integrations, you’re able to verify company’s credentials and employee information quickly and accurately right from the start.

If you aren’t able to verify the history of the company applying for credit, you’ll receive fraud scores alerting you to the potential of bad actors infiltrating your company and will know to act quickly and investigate deeper.

Protect your business and mitigate the risk of fraud in real time without ever leaving your Bectran platform with this powerful, customizable integration.

Bectran’s Corporate Registration Verification Integration

Protect your business and know from the start exactly who you are partnering with by utilizing Bectran’s corporate registration verification tools.

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