Payment Gateways

Process payments more efficiently while removing friction for your customers by integrating your preferred payment gateways directly into the Bectran platform.

With Bectran, you don’t need to learn a new system and, more importantly, your customers don’t have to adapt to a single method of payment because Bectran integrates with any payment gateway you prefer.

Remove friction in the user experience, increase cash flow and accelerate the credit-to-cash cycle by integrating your ideal payment gateways with Bectran.

Process and apply payments seamlessly within the Bectran platform and enjoy a faster credit-to-cash cycle with increased cash flow.

Bectran’s Payment Gateways integration is designed to help you facilitate a smoother accounts receivable process by giving your customers the option to pay how they prefer.

Decrease your DSO by removing the friction of not having the most convenient payment method for your customers and process and apply payments directly in the Bectran platform. This integration not only increases your company’s cash flow but also increases your productivity.

Benefits of Bectran’s Payment Gateways Integrations

Improve the customer experience
Keep your customers happy with their user experience by giving them the methods they most prefer to use when paying invoices.
Inspire trust with new customers
New customers often look to your business partnerships to ensure you’re worthy of their business just as you look to their financial data to ensure the same. Give them that assurance while also smoothing the way for onboarding by offering numerous payment options.
Remove friction in the payment process
Your customers don’t want to miss payments or deadlines, but they could if they don’t have the ability to pay with the methods at their disposal. Avoid back and forth with customers about the accepted ways to pay and meet them with the methods they already use by integrating with common payment gateways seamlessly.
Reduce DSO and overdue payments
When customers are able to pay their invoices easily via their preferred method of ACH, credit card, bank transfer, etc. they are more likely to pay quickly, speeding up your cash flow and avoiding late payments.

How to use Bectran’s E-Commerce Integrations

  • Use case 1: Remove friction and meet your customers where they are by giving them access to the payment methods they most prefer.
  • Use case 2: Decrease your DSO and reduce late payments by providing your users with a seamless payment experience.
  • Use case 3: Improve the user experience for both your company and your customers alike.

Use Case 1: Remove friction and meet your customers where they are by giving them access to the payment methods they most prefer.

Your customers are managing their own businesses, striving to grow and scale and provide for their own customers. They don’t want to be met with friction and roadblocks when they are trying to pay an invoice and move forward with more strategic endeavors.

That’s why it’s pivotal to provide as many payment options as possible to your customers. They don’t want unpaid invoices hanging over their heads, but they do need the process to be easy and quick.

With Bectran’s Payment Gateways integrations, your customers are able to pay their invoices using the methods they trust and prefer, removing friction for them. Simultaneously, implementing payment gateways directly into Bectran allows you to apply cash and close invoices without logging into disparate systems, removing friction for your side of the process, also.

Use Case 2: Decrease your DSO and reduce late payments by providing your users with a seamless payment experience.

When your customers have a smooth, easy payment experience, they are more likely to pay quickly, which, in turn, improves your DSO and reduces the amount of late payments that come through.

Late payments will happen occasionally, but giving your customers all the right resources will drastically reduce the occurrence. Similarly, when your customers pay quickly, your DSO decreases, making your credit-to-cash cycle all the more efficient and effective.

With Bectran’s Payment Gateways integrations, you won’t have to worry about convincing your customers to adapt to a new process, because you’ll be offering them the tools and platforms they already use. We easily integrate with your preferred providers strategically to keep your customers satisfied and keep your business moving smoothly.

Use Case 3: Improve the user experience for both your company and your customers alike.

By implementing Bectran’s direct integration with payment gateways, your customers will appreciate the ease with which they can pay via their preferred methods, elevating their user experience and increasing their satisfaction.

Similarly, your own teams will see an increase in usability because they’ll be able to accept payments seamlessly, apply cash to outstanding invoices from those payments directly in the Bectran platform and speed up their accounts receivable processes overall.

Bectran’s Payment Gateways Integrations

Decrease friction in the payment process, increase customer satisfaction and process payments via numerous methods directly in Bectran.

Integrate Your Preferred Payment Gateways Now

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Payment Gateways

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